Filter Plates & Arrays

Filter Plates & Arrays

Brand: ATR

Origin: China

Specifications: Array 2~155 Way

Dielectric: COG,X7R

Temperature: -55℃~125℃

Voltage: 100V,200V,300V,3000V

Capacity: up to 600nF

Note:can be designed and produced according to the requirement of customers.

Features & Applications

The Filter Plates & Arrays provides a convenient method for filtering a large number of wires through the shield. The use of the Filter Plates & Arrays can save the trouble and workload of welding or installing the through-type filter one by one on the panel, and also improve the reliability of the connection.

This product has ceramic cylindrical through-core capacitors which are independently designed and developed by ATR, equipped with gold-plated and gold-plated pins . And has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, not easy to oxidize, and high reliability.

Customers can choose different specifications of Filter Plates & Arrays according to the number of wires to be connected and the frequency of the signal. Customized serval also can be provided.


Temperature:-55℃~ +125℃;-25℃~ +85℃;
Dielectric loss:≤2.0%;≤3.5%;
Rated current:10A
Rated voltage:200VDC
Dielectric strength: U=3UR for 1 minute, there should be no breakdown or arcing.