Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

Product Description

BeO ceramics have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high melting point, high strength, high insulation, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and good packaging technology adaptability. It is used in microwave technology, electric vacuum technology, nuclear technology, microelectronics, etc . And the field of optoelectronics technology is valued and applied.Especially in high-power semiconductor devices, high-power integrated circuits, high-power microwave vacuum devices and nuclear reactors, it has always been the mainstream ceramic material for manufacturing high thermal conductivity components. It plays a very important role in the military field and the national economy.

Main products of beryllium oxide ceramics

Structural parts and metallization
Beryllium oxide ceramic substrate
Beryllium oxide ceramic substrate
Beryllium oxide ceramic substrate
Beryllium oxide ceramic substrate
Nuclear power reactor crucible

Performance comparison of BeO ceramics and other insulating materials

Thermal conductivity [W/(m.k)]2000200-270250-30060120-18026
Dielectric constant 25°C6.5(1MHz)40(1MHz)6.5(1MHz)4.2(1MHz)8(1MHz)10.3(1MHz)
Dielectric loss1.5*10-4(1MHz)0.05(1MHz)1*10-4(1MHz)1*10-4(1MHz)2.5*10-4(1MHz)1*10-4(1MHz)
Flexural strength(N/mm²)500170-230280-350250
Linear expansion coefficient(-6/°C)3.784.57.3

Application Field

  • Nuclear technology materials

Beryllium oxide has a high seed scattering cross section, which can reflect neutrons leaking from a nuclear reactor back into the reactor.Therefore, it is widely used as a moderator and radiation protection material in atomic reactors.

  • High-power electronic devices and integrated circuits

It has been used in high-performance, high-power microwave packages. It is also widely used in communications, direct broadcast satellites,mobile phones, personal communication services, satellite reception and transmission, avionics and global positioning systems.

  • Special Metallurgy

Beryllium oxide ceramic is a refractory material. Beryllium oxide ceramic crucibles are used to melt rare and precious metals.

  • Widely used in avionics technology conversion circuit and aircraft satellite box communication system.

Application Fields of Beryllium Oxide Ceramics

Vacuum Electronics
Vacuum Electronics

Vacuum electronic devices:

used as insulation and heat dissipation installation parts and microwave output windows for traveling wave tubes, gyrotrons and other products. It is an indispensable basic material for vacuum devices.

TR Components
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors IGBT

Microelectronic devices:

used as a collective material for thick film and microstrip circuits of radar (TR components, insulated gate bipolar transistors, IGBT) and other products.

Package Shell

Packaged devices:

used as packaging materials such as multi-chip module (MCM) packaging shells, multi-chip packaging (MCP) shells, and system packaging (SiP) shells.

TR Component

Thick film beryllium oxide metallization products (full-planar metallization)

Thick film beryllium oxide technical products have circuit patterns:
Beryllium oxide metallization products include circuit patterns, beryllium oxide ceramic substrates or thick-film metallization through tungsten-manganese or molybdenum-manganese active metallization methods. After sintering, nickel plating, gold plating and welding are directly used in microwave power circuits or integrated circuits.The line size accuracy can be controlled within 0.02mm, the weldability is good, the tensile strength after nickel plating is more than 20MPa, the nickel burned at about 800 ℃ in the reducing atmosphere does not bubble, and the bonding strength is good.

Porcelain tile for traveling wave tube collector:
Mainly used in the current collectors of X, Ku, and wave-band traveling wave tubes, which play a role in insulation and heat dissipation. The main features are complex product shapes,high dimensional accuracy requirements, and isostatic pressure pre-formed into a cylindrical shape and then cut and processed It is made to ensure the compactness of the tiles and the concentricity requirements that can ensure the installation process of the tiles.

Attenuation porcelain products:
The attenuating porcelain produced by our company has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, high mechanical strength, small air dissipation, high thermal conductivity, and good thermal stability. It can be used as a wave absorbing material in microwave electric vacuum devices such as multi-beam klystrons.

Beryllium oxide ceramic crucible products:
High-purity beryllium oxide ceramics have high insulation and extremely high high-temperature thermal stability. It is an ideal material for crucible products that dissolve rare metals and high-purity metals Be, Zr, Ti, Pt, V, etc., beryllium oxide ceramic crucibles have High thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, etc.