MMIC GaAs Power Divider GaPD3/9

MMIC GaAs Power Divider GaPD3/9

Performance characteristics

  • Pass-band frequency:3.0-9.0GHz 

  • Pass-band loss:0.7dB

  • Isolation:20dB

  • Return loss: >16dB/>18dB

  • Dimension of Chip:1.2mmx1.0mm x 0.1mm

  •  Interface: 50Ω coplanar waveguide line

Short Description:

This product is a GaAs monolithic two-way power divider 

chip. The power divider chip has the  characteristics of 

small insertion loss, high isolation,  small size, light weight, 

easy integration, etc., and is  widely used in power distribution 

and synthesis. The chip uses an on-chip through-hole 

metallization process to ensure good grounding.  The back side 

is metallized, which is suitable for eutectic sintering and 

conductive adhesive bonding  processes.

Limitations parameters :

Max input power : 30dBm

Storage temperature :  -65℃~+150℃

Operating temperature : -55℃~+125℃

Outline Drawing (Unit um):



1. Unit: mm, tolerance: ±0.05mm 

2. The back of the chip is gold-plated and  grounded 

3. The bonding pressure point is gold-plated, 

    the pressure point size:  0.10mm*0.10mm 

4. Cannot bond on through holes

Bonding pressure point definition:


Typical test curve:

                            Three temperature- insertion loss




                                             Insertion loss


                                             Return loss


                                          Phase consistency


Recommendation assembly drawing

Note: The ceramic substrate should be as close as  possible to 

the chip, to shorten the bond wire size.  The typical assembly 

gap is 0.076 ~ 0.152 mm (3 ~ 6  mils).

user manual:

1. Storage: It is recommended to store in a nitrogen environment.

2. Cleaning treatment: The chip must be operated and used 

in a clean environment.

3. Routine operation: Please use vacuum chuck or precision 

pointed tweezers to take the chip. Avoid touching the chip 

surface with tools or fingers during operation.

4. Rack mounting operation: chip mounting can use low-stress 

conductive adhesive bonding process.

5. Bonding process: The amount of conductive adhesive 

should be as small as possible. After the chip is placed in the

 mounting position, the conductive adhesive can be seen 

around it. The curing conditions refer to the information 

provided by the conductive adhesive manufacturer.

6. Bonding operation: Φ0.025mm (1mil) gold wire is used for 

spherical or wedge bonding. The thermosonic bonding 

temperature is 150°C. The pressure of the spherical bonder 

is 40~50gf, and the pressure of the wedge bonder is 18-22gf. 

Using ultrasonic energy as small as possible. The bonding 

starts at the pressure point on the chip and ends at the package 

(or substrate).