Electronically tunable Bandpass Filter

VT30-90~VT550-865 Electronically tunable filter
Frequency range: 30~1000MHz


  • Double Tuning 0.1dB Chebyshev response
  • High Q PIN diode tuning
  • Tuning Voltage: 0.3-20V(DC)
  • Input P-1 : +10dBm(f c ≥ 90MHz), 0dBm(fc<90MHz)
  • Tuning speed ≤50us(fc >30MHz)
  • Typical 2~3 octave bandwidth coverage within 30~1000MHz
  • Small size microstrip output
  • Operating Temperature: – 40℃~+85℃


  • %3dB Bandwidth 3 ~10%
  • Fractional BW ripple1) ≤1%
  • I.L at center frequency 2) 2~6dB
  • I.L variance3) ≤2dB
  • Shape Factor (BW30 /BW3) ≤7:1
  • Maximum VSWR 2.0:1max
  • Input P-1 +10dBm(TYP, fc ≥90MHz), 0dBm(TYP, f<90MHz)
  • Tuning Voltage(VT) 1~20V


1) This is the difference of %3dB bandwidth within the frequency band, see page 68-69 for typical curves.
2) Insertion loss at center frequency is typical value, the wider passband the lower IL. Following method is used to
calculate insertion loss: IL×BW3dB%=20~25, for example %BW is 5% then IL is 4~5dB.
3) See page 60-61 for typical curves.