Pass-Through EMI AC/DC Filters

Brand: ATR


Type: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, etc.

Dielectric: COG,X7R,Y5U

Temperature: -55℃~+125℃

Voltage: 50V~2KV

Current: 5A,10A,20A,25A,30A

Capacity: 10pF~4700pF

Note: electrical configurations C type, LC type, T type, Pi type current

Features & Application:

The Pass-Through EMI filter developed and produced by ATR is based on ceramic dielectrics, which gives full play to the advantages of long service life and high reliability of ceramic dielectric capacitors. The products include alternating current (AC) 100V, 250V, and AC400V series. The electric strength is high, the general electric strength is more than 6 times of the rated voltage, the capacity is from 10PF to 4700PF, and there are C, LC, T, Pi electrical configurations, which can meet the needs of various original impedances and load impedances. It is the best choice for power line filter.

Application tips:

Pass-Through EMI AC filter is suitable for AC power line filtering, and can also be used for DC high current occasions. But the DC filter cannot be used in AC occasions.


EIA DielectricCOGX7RY5U
Rated temperature range-55℃~+125℃-55℃~+125℃-30℃~+85℃
Max capacity change in temperature range (no voltage applied)0±30~60ppm/℃±15%+22~ -56%
Accuracy tolerance±20%±20%±20%,-20~50%
Loss angle and capacity test conditionsCr≤1nF   1Vrms/1MHzCr>1nF   1Vrms/1KHz1Vrms/1KHz0.5Vrms/1KHz
Insulation resistance (Ri) time constant (Ri×Cr)