Pass-Through EMI Filters

Product name:Feedthrough filters,Feedthrough capacitor,EMI &RFI Low pass filter
Brand: ATR
Origin: China
Type: M2.5,M3,M3.5,M4,M5,M6, M8, M10 ,M12
Installation method: direct welding or threaded
Dielectric: COG, X7R, Z5U
Temperature: -55℃~+125℃
Voltage: 63~500V(DC)
Current: 5 ~30A
Capacity: up to 3.3uF

Note: electrical configurationsC type, LC type, T type, Pi type

Features & Application:

The core of the ATR EMI filter is the disc-shaped through-core capacitor produced by the wet process. The characteristics of the filter are:

Ø Robust (seismic and torsion resistance) stability and reliability

Ø Small size, large capacity, up to 3.3uF

Ø High rated voltage, up to 3KV

Ø There are C, LC, T, Pi types to meet the needs of different source impedances and load impedances

Ø Excellent Dielectric characteristics, with X7R as the leading factor, COG optional

Ø Zinc oxide materials can also be used to produce pressure-sensitive EMI filters

Ø The terminal electrode is gold-plated, which is resistant to welding heat and ensures the stability of the capacity

Direct welding



Dielectric:X7R or COG/NPO
Capacity test:1000 hours
Dielectric strength:×2.5(Apply voltage for 5 seconds, the charging current is limited to 50mA)
Insulation resistance:≥100GW or 1000s