Program Attenuator Chips


  • Thin film resistor network attenuator chip
  • Metallization type: TaN/TiW/Ni/Au & 4 micron Au thickness Min.
  • Working frequency up to 67 GHz,Attenuation range from 1dB to 40dB


RF MicroWave MillimeterWave Programmable Step Attenuator


Selection Guide

  • Substrate material: 99.6% Al2O3, 95% AlN, BeO.
  • Substrate thickness range: 0.127mm, 0.254mm、0.381mm、0.508mm、0.635mm、1mm & other custom required size
  • Attenuation range: 1dB to 40dB
  • Attenuation Accuracy : 1dB to 20dB: +/- 0.5dB 21dB to 40dB: +/- 1.0dB
  • Fre. Range : Dc to 12Ghz; Dc to 18GHz; Dc to 26GHz; Dc to 40GHz; Dc to 50GHz; Dc to 67GHz
  • VSWR : DC to 12Ghz: 1.20Max; 12 to 18Ghz :1.25 Max; 18 to 26GHz: 1.35 Max; 26 to 40GHz 1.50Max
  • Power rating: Max 2 Watts

Part Number Code

Part Signification Detail
Up Frep. 18GHz
Programmable Attenuator ChipPAC Abbreviation
Attenuation value1dB to 40dB
Type Code Type A or Type B
Size Code Length, Width & Thickness
Substrate Code Al2O3, AlN, BeO